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Free of charge for guests. We will be happy to show you the best cycling routes to take to discover Caorle and the hinterland during your stay. Don't miss a visit to the Isola dei Pescatori, where you can visit the 'Casoni', typical Caorle fishermen's dwellings.

It is also possible to rent comfortable electric bicycles.

Seafront Promenade

Walking and jogging along the Caorle promenade provide extraordinary experiences. The view during sunrise and sunset is pure magic, with the sun painting the sky in warm, intense colours.

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the beach, where the numerous colourful kiosks, playgrounds, scents and music envelop you in a unique experience.

Just a few steps from the Hotel Atenea, you can enjoy the Lungomare di Ponente (Western Promenade), which starts at the mouth of the Livenza River with its evocative pier with lighthouse, extending as far as the Madonna dell'Angelo Sanctuary. Experience the serenity of a walk or jog away from the traffic during your stay and make your time in Caorle unforgettable.

Playing fields

Tennis & Padel

Just 200 metres from Hotel Atenea, you will find modern sports facilities, including tennis courts and padel courts.

Enjoy your stay with sports activities just a stone's throw away, a fun and healthy way to spend time with friends and family.

Excursions in the

Laguna of Caorle

Embark on a unique adventure exploring the picturesque Caorle Lagoon with exciting boat excursions. Admire breathtaking views, discover the local flora and fauna and be lulled by the magical atmosphere that inspired author Ernest Hemingway.

The Good Drink


Immerse yourself in a sensory journey through the renowned local wine cellars. Taste the region's best wines and immerse yourself in local wine traditions. Enjoy unique tastings and let yourself be enveloped by the aromas and flavours of this unforgettable experience.

Guided tours

Historic Centre

Venture into the fascinating streets and squares of Caorle's historic centre with our bookable guided tours. Discover the enchantment of centuries of history as expert guides lead you through the city's most evocative corners. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and stories that make this picturesque destination unique.

Cycling routes

In Caorle, the charm of cycling combines with unique landscapes to create an unparalleled cycling experience. Ride through the picturesque countryside of Ca' Corniani, the Brussa area or the Vallevecchia oasis to the sea, or let yourself be lulled by history amidst the archaeological sites and historic sites of Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria.

Download the map of cycle routes HERE.

XLagoon excursion

The XLagoon service offers a unique exploration experience between Caorle, the Vallevecchia Oasis and Bibione. The combination of boat and bike allows for an exciting journey across the Venetian lagoon, offering participants the chance to immerse themselves in unspoilt nature and discover evocative views.

From Caorle to Venice

Thanks to the Motorship Caorle, it is possible to experience an unforgettable adventure between Caorle and Venice, crossing the picturesque Adriatic coastline. Departing from the picturesque port of Caorle, the experience offers a panoramic view of the beauty of the coastline, all the way to the Queen City of the Sea: the enchanting Venice.


Together with us, you can organise personalised guided excursions to discover places and territories of interest. On arrival, ask at reception for more information and set off with us.

Join us for your relaxing holiday.

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