The beautiful city

Suspended between the charm of Roman history and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, Caorle is a unique gem in the Veneto landscape. Its promenade, the 'living reef', and the intricate alleyways of the historic centre tell centuries-old stories. Between the majestic churches and the scent of the sea, Caorle offers a unique travel experience, where culture and relaxation embrace. Welcome to a place rich in art, tradition and serenity!

Historic Centre

The historical centre of Caorle is a fascinating labyrinth of calli and campielli, with brightly coloured houses and rich historical testimonies. Strolling between Rio Terrà delle Botteghe and Calle Lunga, one discovers fascinating glimpses of history, monuments and unique points of interest such as the Duomo and the inclined Bell Tower. It will not be difficult to come across numerous bars and shops that complete the postcard of this splendid seaside city.

Madonna dell'Angelo

The Madonna dell'Angelo in Caorle is an enchanting sanctuary overlooking the sea. Its evocative appearance and thousand-year history make this church an icon of Caorle. The Madonna dell'Angelo is a place of devotion and contemplation, where spirituality blends with the beauty of the seascape, creating a unique experience.


ScoglieraViva in Caorle is an open-air work of art. The rocks, sculpted each year in July by international artists, form an open-air gallery along the seafront. This living exhibition creates a fascinating combination of nature and human creativity, offering visitors a unique and spectacular perspective along the Caorle coastline.

The Laguna

The Laguna of Caorle is a treasure trove of serenity. Its calm waters stretch between the land and the sea, creating a breathtaking landscape that inspired the poet Ernest Hemingway. To cross the Caorle Lagoon is to immerse oneself in a natural paradise where one can also encounter the Casoni, ancient structures of wood and marsh reed used as dwellings by fishermen in the past.

The Beach

The Caorle beach stretches for more than 15 km, with golden sand and a sea with crystal-clear waters and gently sloping seabed. The shoreline has the best services to ensure maximum comfort with beach umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, cabins, children's play areas, entertainment, rescue and first aid. The parallel sandy shore, on the other hand, is the ideal place for running enthusiasts and regenerating walks, especially thanks to the breathtaking sunrise and sunset scenarios. A stretch of bathing paradise that combines nature, relaxation and quality services.

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