We choose sustainability

The Hotel Atenea is an excellent example of a modern hotel that embraces environmental sustainability, distinguishing itself as an Eco Hotel committed to the environment. This choice reflects a growing awareness of environmental issues and the importance of reducing the negative impact on our planet.


Hotel Atenea is synonymous with:

Sustainable Cycling: With a bicycle maintenance station, we promote an active and green lifestyle.

Green mobility: We offer charging stations for electric cars (22W) and electric bicycles.

Sustainable Products: We use environmentally friendly products to ensure a positive impact.

But not only...

This is our


ISO certification

We are certified to the highest standards to ensure quality and sustainability.

Clean Energy

We use renewable energy thanks to photovoltaics on our roof.

Energy and Water Saving

We take concrete actions to reduce energy and water consumption.


At the Hotel Atenea, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. From waste management to the choice of sustainable materials or the use of renewable energy, our philosophy is at the heart of every decision, ensuring a stay in harmony with nature.

Electric charging stations

New for electric cars and bikes

A 22KW electric car recharging station and an electric bike recharging station are available to guests of the Hotel Atenea. Come on holiday with us with your car or bike and fill up with energy!

Join us for your relaxing holiday.

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Via Del Quadrante, 24 - 30021 Caorle (VE) - Italy